Gerry Spence talking about Ken Turek

"Ken Turek is one of my favorite lawyers--his intelligence, humor and realness make him stand out as one of a kind, a person who has many gifts to offer as both a trial lawyer and counselor."

Gerry SpenceLegendary American trial lawyer and bestselling author of How To Argue And Win Every Time.

SEVEN KEYS TO LAWYER SUCCESS PodcastThe Whole Lawyer™ podcast, hosted by Ken Turek, will include insights from Ken and interviews with American experts covering what it takes to succeed in the courtroom, in practice, and in life. This podcast is founded upon the Seven Keys To Whole Lawyer™ Success which Ken compiled through his work with more than 1000 American lawyers over three decades of experience.

The podcast will be available soon for download here and from iTunes.


      1. YOU. It all begins and ends with you.
      2. MINDSET. The order of mindset elements is critical.
      3. CONFLICT. Understand and use conflict and fear.
      4. MASTERY. Master the practice as a business and a calling.
      5. ART. Enjoy the art of law and life.
      6. HEART. Persevere and work hard.
      7. CONGRUENCE. Find congruence in how you practice and live.