Most trial consultants have never been trial lawyers.

Court RoomWhile they are usually very talented and can be very helpful they have never truly experienced what it is like to carry the full weight of a case on their shoulders from the fateful decision to take a case to the heart-pounding reading of the verdict. There is no substitute for what that experience brings to the personal as well as case preparation for the trial lawyer. While these seem distinct this is truly one integrated preparation, not two. You cannot properly prepare a case to try without preparing yourself personally to try it. This takes focused, creative, careful work.

For over 40 years Ken Turek has been a trial lawyer trying cases. He understands the very real demands, fears and pressures trial lawyers face and he has developed methods to understand and meet these challenges. Since 1999 he has also worked annually to further study, teach and use the Trial Lawyer College methods of trial preparation and presentation established by legendary trial lawyer Gerry Spence. This work and these methods have resulted in outstanding trial results in his cases as well as many others across America.

After retention personal preparation of the trial lawyer is shaped depending on the personal and case needs of the trial attorney. Each case development is unique but can consist of: various focus group uses from pre-case acceptance through eve of trial preparation, discovering, formulating and presenting the case story, reenactments, scene-setting, role reversal, witness and exhibit preparation, as well draft rehearsals and in-trial consulting.

Ken Turek is available to consult on cases on a contingent, hourly or fixed fee basis, which depending on the case and jurisdiction can be a case cost or fee-sharing arrangement.