Co-Counsel or ReferralAt times accomplished lawyers are contacted or retained on cases where they determine the client and attorney need specialized assistance from lawyers with more extensive litigation and trial experience. Those needs can include personnel and financial capabilities for the case as well as the ability to take a case from filing to verdict. The arrangement made on behalf of the client and with the client’s consent depends on the level of involvement the first attorney wants to have in the case.

The benefits to these arrangements include:

      1. The client receives legal representation from lawyers with specialized knowledge, cutting edge experience and a proven track record of winning large cases;
      2. The client engages a firm with the financial and personnel resources to fully litigate and try the case to successful resolution;
      3. The client’s case will be analyzed with a clear roadmap and delineated duties given to the lawyers involved on steps ranging from filing to discovery to experts to trial;
      4. The defense insurer or business knows the case is being prepared for trial and this often raises the exposure value of the case significantly;
      5. If an attorney wishes to remain active in the case but share workload he or she can co-counsel with Ken Turek and other members of his firm from retention to verdict and appeal if necessary;
      6. If an attorney wishes to refer the case in its entirety it frees up that attorney to work on other matters knowing the referred client is in experienced hands, while the referring attorney is entitled to a referral fee paid in accordance with State Bar guidelines.

Ken Turek, with members of his firm, has collected over $300 Million on behalf of thousands of California residents on cases ranging from personal injury to fraud to breach of contract to eminent domain.

It is important to make the decision to co-counsel or refer a case as early as possible.