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"Ken Turek is one of my favorite lawyers--his intelligence, humor and realness make him stand out as one of a kind, a person who has many gifts to offer as both a trial lawyer and counselor."

Gerry SpenceLegendary American trial lawyer and bestselling author of How To Argue And Win Every Time.

Five Suggestions for Young Lawyers

Five Suggestions for Young Lawyers

Five Suggestions for Young Lawyers

1.Don’t be someone you’re not. I tried to act “tough” early in my career and failed. I had to learn to practice in a way that fits who I am; it made me happier.
2.The human element of practicing law is often more important than the legal. Working to understand what’s going on inside you, clients, opposing counsel and court personnel adds value beyond measure.
3.Fear never goes away. Try welcoming it as an ally instead of fighting it.
4.We use organized strategy skills all the time to work toward a certain result, for example, executing a discovery plan to nail down certain evidence. Try using those same skills to get to the “result” of becoming the kind of person and lawyer you want to be. Plan, execute, adjust, etc.
5. Consider writing your intentions for all aspects of your life: love, career, money, fun etc. They give us a compass to follow and later return to when we go astray.

Ken Turek ( has practiced law for over 35 years. His practice includes assisting trial lawyers as lead counsel, co-counsel or consultant.

Ken Turek has practiced in San Diego for over thirty-five years, and is a Master of the Bench and former President of the American Inns of Court, William B. Enright Chapter. He attended in 1998, and since 1999 has served on the national faculty of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College where he donates his time to teach American lawyers how to better protect people and communities through our system of justice.

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